Youth Choir – Sparrow Spirit

2022 Sparrow Spirit Update
Sparrow Spirit

Thirteen children started Sparrow Spirit, our Youth Choir in 2018. They chose their name because they were a spirited group who loved the message about sparrows in the Bible, Though they are small, they are still important in the eyes of God. They liked that sparrows are cute, little songbirds, small but powerful.


Sparrow Spirit will be starting up again this September and we will be doing much more than singing! There will be opportunities to sing, dance, do sign language, play bells and participate in videos to send out to the congregation.


If you are 6 years old (or will be soon) and want to be part of this spirited, fun group, please contact Janet Whitehouse at

Glorious – sung by Haleigh Whitehouse

Rainbow – sung by Ainsley MacGlashing

I’m Gonna Go – sung by Olivia Scott

This Is The Day – sung by Olivia Scott

This Little Light of Mine – sung by Olivia Scott

Sparrow Spirit – The

If you are interested in singing either a solo, or a duet/trio with siblings or other family members, please contact me, Janet Whitehouse at ( If you would like to read a poem or prayer or scripture lesson, we would welcome that too.

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