The Moderator of Rye Congregational Church, Ray Smoyer, serves like the president of a corporation.  In cooperation and with input from the Senior Pastor, Officers, Deacons and the chairs of each of the standing committees, he sets the agenda for the Church Council.

The Moderator may vote only in the case of a tie at both Council and Congregational meetings.  He has the responsibility for executing significant legal documents, such as deeds, mortgages, bonds, real estate contracts, together with the Treasurer after approval from the Church Council and the congregation.


The Moderator is also responsible for calling a Congregational meeting in October for the purpose of electing new officers, Deacons and committee members that have been proposed by the Nominating Committee.  He is also responsible for calling a Congregational Meeting in January for the purpose of approving the operating budget for the Church which has been prepared by the Finance Committee and approved by the Church Council.

Ray Smoyer, Moderator

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