Our Church Council

Our Church Council

Our Church Council members are the Pastor, Deacon Chair, Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, and the Chairs of the Christian Education, Fellowship, Finance, Membership, Missions, Nominating, Personnel Administration and Oversight, and Property Committees. The Church Council is the governing body of the Church, conducting all business for the congregation with direction from and approval of the congregation. The Church Council develops policies not designated to a committee, reviews and approves the operating budget, approves expenditures, approves fund-raising activities, among other things. The Church Council also has the responsibility for drawing up a Policies and Procedures Manual that will be compiled by the standing committees. The Church Council may consider and recommend for a congregation vote, a limited by-law proposal submitted in writing.


Our Council Members for 2023 are: Pastor Jon Conant, Deacon Chair Peggy Scott, Moderator Ray Smoyer, Treasurer Joseph Pongrace, Clerk Nancy Russo, Christian Education Chair Janet Whitehouse, Fellowship Chair Jean Badger, Finance Chair Peter White, Missions Chair Thomas Hunter, Nominating Chair Linda Cavanagh, Personnel Administration and Oversight Chair Joyce Bowden, Property Chair John Cavanagh.


The Church Council consists of the chair of each of the eight (8) standing committees, the Deacon Chair, the Senior Pastor, Moderator, Treasurer, Financial Secretary (if applicable) and the Clerk.

A socially distanced Council Meeting in our dining room during Covid

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