Fellowship Committee

Fellowship Committee

Our Fellowship Committee prepares and presents the refreshments for our Fellowship Hour following the Worship Service. There is always coffee and tea along with delectable treats which often come from the kitchens of our parishioners. The first Sunday of each month is communion Sunday and the committee expands their buffet table with the help of members of other church committees and make a special effort to provide a delicious table of beverages, cakes, cookies, sweet breads, and much more. On special occasions, brunches, celebratory dinners, cakes for birthdays or special accomplishments are also included.

The Fellowship Committee consists of nine (9) elected Church members and a Deacon Representative. Each member is elected for a two-year term with five (5) members elected one year and four (4) the next year. The Fellowship Committee develops and oversees social hours, Church suppers, etc. and manages the kitchen and the use of its facilities.

The Fellowship Committee Members for 2024 are: Ellen Pongrace-Chair, Donna Goodwin-Secretary, LiYuen Buesing, Beverly Levesque, Shirley O’Leary and Valere (Chickie) White.

Jean Badger, Chair

Wanda Conte, Vice Chair

Fellowship Committee

enjoying hot coffee, pancakes and bacon after a chilly Sunrise Service,

Preparing and serving breakfast Easter morning.

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