Membership Committee

Church membership means being involved with the organization of the church and giving of your unique gifts which are all necessary, not only to the functioning of the church, but also encouraging each other in our quest to know Christ.  It means making a commitment to genuine community with other members through transparency, humility, hospitality and love.  It means the faithful stewarding of our gifts, time resources and talent to serve the body of the church.  It means loving each other enough to offer sympathy and comfort, as well as

accountability and exhortation.  It means to forgive as we’ve been forgiven, to desire reconciliation when possible, to repent of wrong doing and to seeks to live at peace as much as it is up to us.  Finally, it means that in all things we submit to Christ and His word.

Any one person is eligible to become a member who has been baptized, professes faith in Christ and the Bible as the inspired Word of God and accepts our Statement of Faith. Individuals holding membership in another Christian Church who desire to participate in the life and mission of R, may become associate members.  Associate members can vote at all congregation meetings and serve on standing or special committees.  However, they may not serve as a Deacon, Chair of Finance or hold a Church Officer position.  Associate members may also request a transfer from another Christian Church to become active members.

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