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Rye Congregational Church

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Welcome to Rye Congregational Church

Rev. Lavoie

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven … I have seen the travail, which God has given to the sons of men to be exercised in it. And, behold, He has made everything beautiful in His time.  

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1,10-11

“To everything, turn, turn, turn … there is a season.”  I remember singing along to it as it played over the car radio in the 70’s. I loved that song, a 1965 hit song by the Byrds, featuring David Crosby whose music I followed and enjoyed for years to come. I especially enjoyed the harmonies in songs like Judy Blue Eyes of Crosby, Stills, & Nash.

It was about that time that I realized, to my surprise, that these words came from the Bible. That discovery, in turn (turn, turn), made me curious about what else might be in the Bible that I didn’t know about, so I went down to the Bedford Mall and bought myself a new bible at B. Dalton Booksellers.

As soon as I got home I found the passage from Ecclesiastes quoted above. Slightly disappointed to see that the words “turn, turn, turn” were not actually in there, I was also happy see what else was in there that was not in the song so I kept on reading and have been doing so ever since. I’m still happy to discover new things in the Bible after all these years. The Word of God has been a gift that keeps on giving and has made my life what it is today – not only what I do for my life’s calling, but who I am in every sense.

It’s possible, if not likely, that David Crosby was told many times by his many fans what an impact that song had in their lives. But I wonder … did he had any idea at the time what the simple act of putting some poetic words from the Bible into a song would do for the world?  “Turn, turn, turn” was a turning point in my life. I cannot imagine a better or more satisfying life that the one which was set on its course through the influence of that song.

It gives me hope to know that God uses the things we do – even seemingly small things – to accomplish His purpose in this world.  We are all a part of it and our lives are interwoven in ways beyond our ken.

Every day is important. Every life is precious. Every heart is worth loving. Every moment is meaningful. Every word spoken is filled with potential. Every prayer is heard. Everything has its season.  Everything is beautiful … in His time.

A “Happy Summer” wish to all!  May it be a season of purpose and love.

Ron Lavoie

(The Preacher in the Rye)