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Dear Members and Friends of Rye Congregational Church,

In conference with our Church’s Moderator and the Chair of our Board of Deacons, at the direction of local, state, and national authorities, and in compliance with CDC directives issued under the Presidential Declaration of a National State of Emergency in response to the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide: all group activities at Rye Congregational Church are being suspended until we are directed that it is safe to resume our normal routine. As a nation, this is a time to cooperate for the common good and, as a Church, it is a time to slow down, study the Scriptures, and pray for our Church, our community, and the world. May God use this time to turn the world to His love and grace.

For the time being, I will come in to check my work email account (preacherintherye@ryecc.com) and respond to incoming messages as needed. As usual, I will also continue to be available 24/7 by cell phone and text 603-501-9871. In the event that we are directed to stay home and “shelter in place” I will communicate exclusively from home using my personal email account (figsgym@msn.com), which has been Cc’d on this message, to send out additional messages of spiritual encouragement and to update our situation as things develop over the coming days and weeks.

Our church’s website (www.ryecc.com) has a large number of recorded sermons available for you to listen to as well. The required password is:  Since1726

“May the Lord watch between us, while we are absent one from another.” Genesis 31:49

I encourage everyone to devote ourselves to prayer and bible study during this time. Call me if you read something you want to talk about – I love talking about the Bible and our faith in Christ our Savior (and I’ll have plenty of time).

During this time, which may last for a month or longer, we will receive and process the Church’s mail and pay our bills and someone from the Property Committee will check on the building to make sure that our plumbing and electrical systems are functioning properly, etc.

Please pray for our Church and our world.

God Bless,

Ron Lavoie

Ron Lavoie, Senior Pastor

Rye Congregational Church

603-501-9871 cell