What God Thinks of You

Have you ever heard the phrase “Be careful what you wish for?”  Growing up, I heard it a lot.  I was always ready, or thought I was ready, to move on to the next thing.  I was excited for eighth grade, being at the height of the lower school.  I was so eager to get on to high school to get my driver’s license, and to go to college.  All I wishe3d for was to grow up faster.  That’s not what Jesus wants for us.

A few Sunday ago, we read from Luke.  The passage, Luke chapter 18:15 – 17, tells of when little children are brought before Jesus.  The disciples are confused because of how important Jesus is.  It didn’t make sense he would make time for little kids.  But that’s exactly what Jesus did.  More than that, he held the children up as an example of how we should act.

Though I am now a legal adult, I still feel a lot like a little kid.  I remember straining to look over the high pharmacy counter and needing help with many other tasks adults do all the time.  This sort of need for help is exactly what God wants from everyone.  All people should be eager to turn to their creator to seek truth and direction.  Do not lose your eagerness to seek guidance.

As I got older, I was able to do things on my own, and had a better sense of the beauty of the world as I came to understand it better.  I understood the talent of a musician’s playing, the effort that went into making pretty gardens, and the sacrifices other people make for me.  But still being a child, the goodness of things didn’t tire me.  I wasn’t too busy to take notice.  As you grow up, God wants for us to be in awe at what He has made and what He has done.

Part of being young is many long car rides.  They could be very boring.  However, they were worth it because they usually led to an adventure.  Maybe we would go up north to the mountains or down south to visit family.  Whatever it was, my boredom would go away when adventure took its place.  Life is very much like this, a beautiful adventure.  Don’t let yourself get bored with life.  God has a plan for each and every one of you.  He has carved out a specific role for you in the world that will serve His purpose.  Seek His purpose and go fearlessly with Him into the adventure of life.

As the passage from Luke says, you are the role models for faith:  wholesome, trusting, and full of wonder.  God doesn’t think you are too small or unimportant.  He loves you unconditionally, and cares for you deeply.  You are His, made in His image for His purpose.  Go forth with that in mind and let God direct your steps.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Griffin Hotz