Pastor Lavoie’s Announces Retirement

Dear Members and Friends of Rye Congregational Church,

            In writing this, I want to announce to all of you my intention to retire at the end of this year. It has been, and still is, my great honor and joy to serve the Lord at Rye Congregational Church but, after much prayerful consideration, I believe the time has come to retire. In  doing so, I am looking forward to going places and experiencing things that have not been possible until now and embracing the role of grandfather. 

            During the next months, I will continue to serve you as your senior pastor and assist the congregation in the search process for a new pastor. I know that there is someone, somewhere, who is qualified and who will serve faithfully – someone whom God has already chosen. It will be our task to discern the Spirit’s voice and heed the Spirit’s call and direction. We are in God’s hands.

            I have every confidence that Rye Congregational Church will present itself as an amazing opportunity to anyone properly qualified and rightly motivated. In fact, were I to be given the assignment of describing a Church where I could serve as pastor, a place as close to perfect as this world would allow, my description would paint a vivid picture of Rye Congregational Church, and I am prepared to explain that to anyone whom the Lord should call to serve here. Rye Congregational Church has my highest recommendation for its location, its legacy, its potential, and especially its people.

            In the coming weeks, steps will begin to take place to initiate the search process. I ask you to join me in prayer for all those engaged in this upcoming search for our new senior pastor.

            May God bless us in the time we have left together – every day is a gift!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Ron